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Again and Again Review


December 2009


The Again and Again Restaurant is an old favourite with regular Thong Nai Pan visitors. It is situated in the ''village' of Thong Nai Pan Noi, just a short distance from the beach. The reason why the restaurant has been so successful is that the menu is slightly cheaper than the bigger operators on the beachfront, the food is excellent and the place has a comfortable feel to it.


Again and Again was the first restaurant in Thong Nai Pan to cater to Westerner's concerns over food additives. They used to have a sign proclaiming that no MSG was used in cooking. This sign has now been replaced by a sign advertising 'healthy and organic food'. I'm not entirely sure that the Thai notion of organic food coincides with European standards of organic produce, but still they are making an effort.


The menu has the usual selection of red, green and jungle curries. The dry curries are particularly tasty. Fried red curry with vegetables and pork is good value at 60 THB. Also on the menu are more Chinese style stir fries. The phad thai with tofu (50 THB) is a very generous helping and good value for those with a big appetite.


The servings of fruit are good at Again and Again. They serve a greater variety of fruit in their fruit salad than other places. The ingredients include the standard pineapple, watermelon and banana as well as other seasonal fruits.


The shakes are made without sugar and water. Mango, banana or lemon shakes are 40 THB. The juice list includes carrot juice (40 THB) orange juice (40 THB) and ginger and carrot juice (50 THB).


In 2009 the restaurant underwent a re-furbishment. They moved the cooking area to create more table space. Luckily, they didn't spoil the relaxed, Thai ambience of the place. There is a table with elevated seating, reminiscent of Japanese restaurants. The building itself is typically Thai - lightweight, open and somewhat shack-like. Shade and privacy is created by various hanging plants and tall growing flowers around the perimeter.


Again and Again is a family run concern, free from the big money concerns that are rapidly making inroads into the local economy. When I first started to regularly frequent the place I thought the name of the establishment was somehow a reference to the Jack Johnson CDs they would play again and again. Jack is perfect for the beach, but now diners are treated to a wider range of chilled tunes. Finally, check the beer prices on the menu, they are sometimes slightly cheaper than Star Huts or the Jungle Bar nearby.

Again and Again Restaurant