Best Drinking Spots in Thong Nai Pan Noi


Drinkers' Guide to Noi


Thong Nai Pan Noi has several good places to get a drink. There are bars and restaurants on the beach as well in the village. The hotels charge more for basic things such as Singha and Chang beer, bottled water, cans of cola etc. than the smaller businesses. Have a perusal of my drinking notes below to help you find a few likely places to enjoy yourself!


Better Than Sex


The name might draw a frown at first, but the experience of getting a bite to eat and a drink in BTS is bound to raise a smile of contentment. This bar and restaurant is an imposing glass and steel structure with a funky curved roof. The building has a decking front with a water feature down the side. This is the most visually imposing building in the village and impossible to miss if you walk back from the beach on the main village road.


Better Than Sex is a large place and can seat about 40 people. There is table and chair seating as well as more traditional lounging options. The menu has Thai, Burmese and Italian dishes. They have the usual range of beers, shakes and cocktails as well as wine. BTS is not a party bar but good for drinks after dinner.


Better Than Sex


Luna Lounge


Opposite BTS is ‘Luna’. It is a round thatched building with indoor and outdoor seating on decking. There are comfortable sofas, small intimate alcoves for couples and spaces for large groups.


Luna aims at a more sophisticated clientele. This is reflected in the large wine menu (with tasting notes) and the fusion dishes on the food menu. The bar is run by a foreign couple who are happy to chat with the customers. This is not a party bar, but it is a great spot to sink into a sofa and have a decent cocktail.


Luna Lounge


Don’s Café


This is the wine bar on the ‘village square’ at the start of the public road in Thong Nai Pan Noi. They sell European wines by the glass along with imported cheeses and cold meats. It is a small and stylish bar, but lacking in atmosphere and a bit pricey.



Beach Club @ Buri Rasa


The Beach Bar at Buri Rasa is better than Don’s Café. There is a small thatched bar on the sand. You can sit around the bar or in the restaurant. They have an extensive range of cocktails to try as well as bottled beers and imported wine. The food menu has a few Japanese dishes as well as items you won’t find elsewhere in Thong Nai Pan. This is a great spot to watch the sunset and sip on a cocktail.



Jip’s Shop


Jip’s Shop is the small wooden bar on the village road. They have a shady backroom with a large TV. This is probably the best spot to catch a live game of Premier League football. They also do good Thai and Asian food.



Rasta Baby


Rasta Baby is the last of the traditional ‘old skool’ bars in Thong Nai Pan Noi. It is on the village road by the slight kink where there is a bridge.


The bar is elevated on stilts. The interior has the traditional low tables with cushion seating. The walls are covered in Rastafarian images. It is a funky bar run by locals. They are friendly and helpful and make a mean cocktail or bucket cocktail. With the right crowd in Rasta Baby this place can get lively. It is a good spot to ensconce yourself for a session.


If you need to soak up the booze, they do a decent Thai curry.


Rasta Baby


Tapan Noi and I Sea Bar


Tapan Noi is the restaurant at the northern end of the beach. It is probably the cheapest place to get a meal on the beach. They have BBQ, Thai food and the usual assortment of burgers and sandwiches. It is nice sitting on bamboo chairs and watching the sea.


Next door is the I Sea Bar. This is a proper beach bar with a long counter to sit at and meet fellow drinkers. They have draught Thai beer as well as spirits. I Sea Bar is the best beach bar in Thong Nai Pan Noi since Flip Flop moved to Yai.


Tapan Noi

Tapan Noi Restaurant


I Sea Bar