Review of Dolphin Bar and Cafe and Dolphin Bar and Grill


May 2013


Last year Dolphin Bungalows had a major change. The people running the place on behalf of the owners decided to go it alone. The result is that now there are two Dolphins in Thong Nai Pan Yai: Dolphin Bar and Grill and Dolphin Bar and Café.


You might initially consider the situation confusing but consider that in the UK, for example, you will find two or more pubs with the same name in many towns and cities. When you go to a party you will often be introduced to people with the same first name. We soon get used to places, people and businesses with the same name and find ways of distinguishing between things with the same name.


I suspect Dolphin Bar and Café will be called something like ‘the Dolphin with the pond’ or ‘Kim and Giat Dolphin’ while the other Dolphin will be dubbed ‘Dolphin on the beach’.


What really distinguishes the two Dolphins is effort. Dolphin Bungalows on the beach relies on its reputation and position to pull in the punters. They make very little effort to join the 21st Century – they don’t have a website or even an email address. They haven’t joined any booking engines like or Agoda. They do nothing to publicize themselves. In short, Dolphin Bungalows is run anonymously.


For some this harks back to the old days of Koh Phangan before the beaches started filling up with ex-pats; before the Full Moon Party changed the chilled out island into an international destination. The bungalows are without air-con, but they are far better than the old style Spartan wooden bungalow with fan and mosquito net.


It is unclear as to what the accompanying Dolphin Bar and Grill is like. It is similar to the old restaurant but with a new décor. They now have a dolphin statue out front.


In contrast lots of thought and effort has gone into the new Dolphin Bar and Café. It is an interesting two storey building that looks like it has been chopped in half as the bar faces away from the road and overlooks a pond that is full of lotus plants. There is decking and some of the salas are from the beach Dolphin place.


Dolphin Bar and Café has plenty of seating options that lets customers socialize as well as find more private spots for a chat and a drink.


The menu bears similarities with the old Dolphin menu. It has Thai food and plenty of Western comfort food such as banoffee pie and healthy options such as salads.


The restaurant opened in 2013 and has quickly established itself. Many of the old Dolphin regulars have quickly found the new place. There is also a website, Facebook page, Twitter feed and new Trip Advisor section.


Most likely people will continue to stay and eat at Dolphin Bungalows because it is on the beach and not too expensive. It is also likely that the new Dolphin Bar and Café will get a reputation for good food and service that will make TNP aficionados consider it the better place to eat, drink and hang out.


Dolphin Bar and Cafe

Dolphin Bar and Cafe




Dolphin Bungalows have just revealed their contact information!
Tel.+66(0) 867704259. They have also joined Agoda!


Also - 2016


Dolphin Bar and Cafe has rebranded itself as Siam House