Junk in the Bay


February 2016


You might be enjoying a cold beer on the beach and spot a Chinese junk in Thong Nai Pan. Don't worry you haven't been drinking too much. It really is a Chinese junk.


This is the Chantara. It is 25 meters long and 7 meters wide and it is built entirely out of teak. It is a luxury boat with 3 double rooms with en-suite bathrooms. One bedroom can be turned into a lounge for the day. As well as bedrooms there is a kitchen, a bar, extra toilet and a dining room. For one week cruises the Chantara can accommodate 8 to 10 people. For day trips the junk can hold up to 50 people.


It is possible to rent the junk for personal cruises around the Gulf of Thailand. As you can imagine, that is a very expensive option. At present the Chantara is running sailing tours from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan. The boat sails out of Bophut in Koh Samui and makes the short hop to Koh Phangan where it makes a tour of the island. The junk stops in Thong Nai Pan Bay.


At present the Koh Phangan tours are running every Tuesday, Thrusday and Saturday. The junk doesn't take passengers on at Thong Nai Pan but it does provide splendour to the view at around 5pm three times a week.


The Chantara moors in Thong Nai Pan where its passengers get the chance to check out the beach, and invest (if silly enough) on jetski hire.


Here is the tour itinerary:


10-10:45 am : Transfer from your hotel to the pier
11 am : Boat departure
12:30 pm : Delicious lunch buffet on board with 5 Thaï dishes
1:15 pm : Snorkelling at Koh Ma Reef
3:30 pm : Stop at Thong Nai Pan, relaxing on the secluded beach or enjoying water sports & massage
5:15 pm : Return to Koh Samui to enjoy the sunset
7 pm : Arrival on port, transfer to your hotel


Chantara Junk Boat