Italian Food at Living Room


Our party of four had an excellent meal last night in the Living Room in Thong Nai Pan Yai on Phangan Island.


The Living Room has been open for a few years now. There is a gym upstairs (Thong Nai Pan's only public gym) and bar/restaurant area downstairs. In years past the Living Room would serve a variety of food throughout the day starting with English breakfast and on Sunday, a full English Roast.


The past year now Living Room has been serving Italian food every evening except Monday. The two Italian Chefs offer a variety of Italian dishes which taste about as close as you can get to actual Italian food using the ingredients available. Indeed there is also an element of fusion cooking in the menu as the chefs try to incorporate Thai ingredients and flavours into traditional Italian dishes.


We started with a Greek salad to share. It was followed by Italian ham sandwich, ravioli with meatballs, spaghetti red curry and pizza 'Godfather'. All the dishes tasted good. The ravioli meatballs featured tasty homemade beef meatballs. The spaghetti red curry cleverly combined red curry paste into a tomato and bacon sauce with al dente spaghetti - a very nice dish although a little rich with more coconut milk than I would prefer. The pizza Godfather came with a serious portion of Italian ham and salami, which is just the thing if you are hungry for Western food.


The total bill came to 1,800 THB although this included 5 beers, 5 plates of food, a soft drink, and a takeaway tiramisu for which a 100 THB deposit was left for the jar it came in. All in all we enjoyed it, felt the service was quick and polite and that it was not overpriced for what we had. I will be going again!


Living Room Restaurant