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Thong Nai Pan News Update 2018

February 2018


There is no reliable news source for Thong Nai Pan, and not really for Koh Phangan. Facebook sites purporting to provide news about Thong Nai Pan are vehicles to promote certain businesses. It is free to have a Facebook page and so it is a no-brainer to use this social media outlet to shout out your wares under the cover of providing glimpses into life on the beach.


Below is an attempt to mention a few of the changes in Thong Nai Pan Noi and Yai that might have escaped the attention of those who follow developments in the area from afar.




Every man and his dog are opening resorts or offering villas near the beach. I suspect Thong Nai Pan is reaching saturation point in terms of numbers of beds offered.


In Thong Nai Pan Noi Sand in My Toes have built an accommodation block behind the restaurant offering air-con rooms with TV. Sandee Bungalow for the past few years have embraced modernity and made themselves available for online booking. Very much unnoticed they have been slowly rising up the Trip Advisor ratings.


In Yai Pingchan and The Great Escape Chalets have quickly established themselves as major players in the accommodation scene, especially Pingchan with its beach front location.


Bamboo in the village also now has some rooms for rent. There are also a couple of small villas up for rent.


Another interesting development is that Longtail Beach Resort has finally bit the bullet and signed up with the OTA, Agoda. This makes online booking of the popular resort much easier. And to mark the change of heart, the once hippy indie resort now has a pool for guests.


Going very much in the other direction is Baan Panburi. They have removed themselves from most online booking engines and slowly decline. The new management (2016) have let the website renewal lapse. This sums up the place.


Bars, Restaurants and Shops


Thong Nai Pan Noi will have its first 7-11 near the back of the village. Like the Yai 7-Eleven, it will have prices 10% higher than the Baan Tai or Thongsala 7-Elevens. And this typifies the received wisdom in Noi village at the moment. There has been too many 'marts', pharmacies and convenience style shops popping up of late. They all sell the same items.


As for restaurants and bars in Thong Nai Pan Noi they appear and disappear with unerring regularity. The lease is for a year and most don't make it in that time. The restaurants such as Rasta Bay, Luna, Star Huts, Bamboo and Again and Again normally see off the competition. The latest restaurant to show some longevity is Jip Shop.


In Yai Living Room is making a surprising name for itself. The Italian restaurant has been storming up the Tripadvisor charts. Siam House seems to have a spot on the beach and Tipi continues to look for a winning business after its large premises were torn down by developers on Noi. They currently have the 'Cantina' on Yai beach.


Paradise Garden Bungalows started throwing parties. At first there were posters and a flurry of social media promotion. The party fervour abated July 2017; whether, it remerges for the summer high season this year is anyone's guess.


Perhaps most encouraging is that the Middle School fundraiser is a tradition that has continued. Last year it was held on May 31. They had a charity flea market with food stalls and entertainment.




The airport project is totally dead in the water.


More encouraging is the deepening commitment to infrastructure improvement. The roads are getting better. Improving the water supply has been on the agenda for a number of years now. Cell phone coverage and internet connections are getting better. In these terms Thong Nai Pan is becoming a more comfortable place. It also makes it easier for the luxury hotels to attract guests.




Both Thong Nai Pan Noi and Thong Nai Pan Yai continue to change. They continue to upgrade accommodation and throw down swimming pools. The lion's share of tourist dollars, rubles, pounds, yuan and wan are being siphoned off by the high end hotels, leaving the locals fighting over the loose change. All par for the course.


Still you needn't worry: you are never far from a sunset happy hour cocktail on the beach. That tends to make the world seem a benign place, if only for an hour before the mosquitoes come out to feast on bare flesh.


Crepes Corner in Thong Nai Pan