Review of Sand in My Toes


January 2017


Sand in My Toes is the latest reincarnation of the restaurant on the middle of Thong Nai Pan Noi beach. It is located between Rasananda and the now closed Krua Tapan restaurant that belongs to Thong Tapan. This was the spot that used to be occupied by Pong's Restaurant and the Flip Flop Pharmacy. Sand in My Toes opened in 2016, and after a slow start has eventually got a staff and menu in place.


Sand in My Toes has a good name. It is evocative of the freedom people feel from going on a beach holiday in Thailand. Your accommodation is on the beach and along the beach is an array of eating possibilities. You can spend all day in your beach ware just enjoying the sun and sea and relaxing. No need for watches; no need for shoes; but sadly probably a compulsive need for a smart phone.


The restaurant serves the standard selection of Thai dishes such as green curry, noodle soup, spicy mango salad etc. as well as tourist favourites such as pizza, chips, sandwiches and burgers.


The reviews people have left on Trip Advisor have been generally positive. People appreciate the beachfront location and have mostly good things to say about the food and the service.


The noticeable exceptions are a few people who complain about the time delay between ordering and getting the food. One person complained that the staff had their heads in their smart phones, ignoring the customers.


The manager, Ja F, has been keen to respond to criticism on TA. The incident with a customer supposedly ordering vegetarian pizza and then getting sausage pizza and then refusing to pay was responded to rather surprisingly. Instead of Ja F apologizing on behalf of Sand in My Toes, he instead responded with withering sarcasm by writing:


" You have definitely order 'Italian sausage Pizza' by now clue what was 'sausage' mean"


What happened to the customer is always right? Would it have bankrupted the restaurant to just not charge for the sausage pizza and bring out a vegetarian pizza? It is this attitude that quickly damages the reputation of a restaurant.


My experience of eating at Sand in My Toes is that this restaurant is not outstanding and not notably poor. I like the beach seating as well as the undercover seating. It has always been an awesome location for a restaurant.


I ordered Thai green curry and it arrived in a reasonable time. I was served by a Burmese chap who has long worked on the beach. He is likeable and his English is OK. The cost of the food is cheaper than at Rasananda, Panviman etc. more expensive then Again and Again and similar to Tapan Noi restaurant.


As a restaurant experience my meal at Sand in My Toes with my partner was fine. It was par for the course. The natural surroundings were awesome. I have since been back. It is not my favourite restaurant in Thong Nai Pan; nor it is my least favourite place to eat. That accolade went to Ayutthai Noodle that consistently tried to over-charge me based solely on the fact of my skin pigmentation it seemed.



Sand in my Toes Restaurant