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Review of Waterfalls in Thong Nai Pan


July 2011


There are two waterfalls in the Thong Nai Pan area. They are Than Prawes and Wang Thong Waterfall. The former is a permanent waterfall and the later is only worth visiting during the wetter months of September and October.


Than Prawes is in Thong Nai Pan Noi. It is sometimes spelt ‘Than Prawet’. It is not well sign posted. You can reach Than Prawes waterfall by following the small stream that enters the village near Luna Lounge and Better Than Sex Restaurant. The other route is to walk up the road out of Thong Nai Pan Noi and to take the turning to the right just before the road joins the main road. Walk down the side of the house at the end of the lane and you come out into forest. Just past the Buddhist monument is the start of the waterfall. Than Prawes is a series of small waterfalls that stretches for about 2 km. Some of the climbing is difficult and it is advised to wear sturdy shoes, not flip flops. There are no giant waterfalls but the overall effect of Than Prawes is pleasing. There are some great views of the area and the place is normally deserted.


Wang Thong Waterfall is reached via the main road leading into Thong Nai Pan Yai village. You can either follow a trail that starts shortly after Paradise Bungalows or you can take the trail at the top of the hill. If the later route is taken follow the trail down the hill and turn right. There are a few private houses and a yoga center in this area so someone should be around to give directions if you cannot find Wang Thong Waterfall.


The waterfall itself is a single tall waterfall and is fairly impressive in the rainy months. It is set in a very peaceful area that is worth exploring.


It isn’t worth travelling dozens of kilometers to visit either Than Prawes or Wang Thong waterfall but if you are staying in Thong Nai Pan it makes a good morning excursion and lets you see some of the surrounding countryside.


By the way, if you get lost the Thai for waterfall is 'Nam Tok'.


Than Prawes